The MSPL 2019 has proven to be a successful initiative already and we sincerely appreciate the support of all the teams involved for their belief in the MSPL initiative and the MGI brand. Special thanks to all our partners and individual sponsors for their moral and financial support. We will continue to do our best possible to strengthen your belief and confidence in our capability to always deliver organisational excellence towards the development of Scrabble in Nigeria and beyond.

It is imperative that we start planning for the MSPL 2020 season as soon as possible if we want to successfully build on the success of 2019. Starting from next year, the MSPL will be expanded to a 2-division league to accommodate more scrabble players who have expressed interest to be part of this unprecedented initiative.

In view of this, we are calling on all interested sponsors who would like to form a scrabble league team or teams in 2020 to express their interest by writing to us via or send text/Whatsapp message to +234 814 413 1000/+353 83 841 9666. MSPL 2019 team owners/sponsors who wish to continue sponsoring their respective teams are also expected to indicate interest for 2020 league.

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